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Cleaning hacks for shower glass

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Frameless glass shower doors can add a modern spa-like luxury to your bathroom. However, a build-up of soap scum and water stains can dull a beautiful experience. Despite being more hygienic than shower curtains, glass showers still need some routine maintenance and cleaning.

Minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium, combine with soap, body oil, skin cells and dirt to leave a grey film on the glass. This is called soap scum that should be cleaned frequently, right after a hot shower.

It’s best to avoid dirt building up as it can become harder to clean.

Hacks and tips

  • Use a shower squeegee after every shower. It’s an inexpensive tool that you can hang inside the shower for everyone to use. Start from one of the top corners and pull the squeegee blade straight down to remove water droplets
  • Create your own eco-friendly cleaning spray with vinegar and dish soap. Combine one cup of water, half a cup of vinegar, a dash of dish soap and 10 – 20 drops of your favourite essential oil. You can spray this onto your glass before using the squeegee.
  • Keep your bathroom well-ventilated. Open a window or leave the bathroom door open after your shower to prevent mould and mildew growth. If you can, leave your shower door open too.
  • In addition to the DIY spray, a simple spray of one part white vinegar with three parts distilled water is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly solution. Spray it onto the glass and leave for five minutes. Rinse off with warm water or wipe it down with a lint-free towel.

By adding these tips into your cleaning routine you will never have a scum problem again.



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