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The benefits of frameless glass shower doors

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Whether the shower is the place where you start your day, unwind before bed or both, it is the one area in your home that is both functional and relaxing. If you don’t have a glass shower door, there are several reasons why you should consider it. And a frameless shower door will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

What are frameless glass shower doors?

Framed glass showers traditionally use material like metal or rubber to secure the glass along the door’s edges. Frameless glass doors, however, blend seamlessly into your bathroom’s decor with sparkling transparency.

The tempered glass used in frameless shower doors is much thicker to ensure durability.

The advantages of frameless shower doors

There are several reasons to consider installing a frameless glass shower door during your next bathroom renovation.


Traditional framed doors are mass-produced to standard sizes, but a frameless shower door can be customised to your home. This is important because the tailored precision of perfectly fitted glass panes prevents the risk of water leaks.

Aesthetic appeal

Frameless shower doors are extremely popular among those with a passion for minimalist design. Frameless glass shower doors look trendy, modern and sleek.

Corrosion free

Standard framed shower doors often need to be replaced because of the corroded metal, but with a frameless glass shower door there is no risk of corrosion. Frameless shower doors can last a lifetime, making it a cost-effective investment.

Increased property value

In real estate, kitchens and bathrooms can often be deal breakers. A frameless glass shower door imbues your bathroom – and home – with class, boosting your property’s selling potential.

Open space

Frameless shower doors are great for smaller bathrooms as it will create the illusion of a bigger space. The transparent panels create an airy, spacious feel with no bulky frames or cluttered shower curtains.

Reduced risk of mould

The seals of a framed door create the perfect moist, warm conditions mould and mildew thrive in. This poses a health risk to your family. The absence of framing hardware means there is less space for water to build up in a frameless glass shower door and that reduces the risk of mould.

Easy to clean

Because there are no grooves or frames where dirt and mould can collect, frameless glass shower doors are easy to clean and maintain.


Chances are you’ll be renovating the rest of your bathroom a few times, but frameless shower doors will never become outdated.

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